Climate justice

Icon of a globe with a thermometer reaching high temperatures.

We seek: Climate justice

We seek a world with an economy that preserves our planet, not destroys it. A world where climate finance reaches the communities who need it most, and that these communities can build resilience against climate and disaster risks.

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A sustainable future

The global climate crisis will affect all of us, but not equally - it hurts those who are least responsible for causing it, and who are least equipped to respond to it.

We seek smart, sustainable solutions for communities who are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and call on powerful governments and companies to step up and curb the crisis.

Portrait of Grace a 19 year old student standing in a flooded street outside neat a church in Lilisiana, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands.
Icon of a person standing beside a growing plant.

people were supported through our climate justice work.

Portrait of Syaeun. She is wearing a red headscarf in Sembalun, East Lombok district, Indonesia.

Real lives: Meet Syaeun in Indonesia

"The natural disasters that frequently happen in Sembalun are flash floods … lots of agricultural lands get buried ... farmers often can't cultivate or harvest for six
months straight."