THE BIG WINS OF 2021-2022

Around the globe, we're united in the fight for equality.

With the incredible support of people like you, we're tackling poverty - by changing minds, systems and lives.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers should be aware that this microsite may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

Oxfam Australia acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the original custodians of the land, and respects the rights that they hold as Traditional Custodians. We also recognise the dispossession of the land and its ongoing effects on First Nations Peoples today.

Together, we had big wins!

A man is standing on rocks beside a house looking out onto the sea.

incredible people like you donated, helping us to build a more just world.

A person is standing facing away from the camera in a room full of people. They are wearing a t-shirt that says "Straight Talk" inside an Australian map.

activists and change-makers stood with us, calling for a world without the inequalities that keep people in poverty.

Three greeting cards stacked on top of one another. The left card reads: "Because you've been there for me through chick and thin" with an image of a chick hatching out of an egg, The middle card reads: "This gift does good" with an image of a woman smiling. The third card reads: "I know you're a big fan of renewable energy" with an image of three wind mills.

Unwrapped cards were bought. That's more than $999,450 for training, supplies and economic support!

Thanks to you

We were there for over 14 million people in a time of crisis

We were on the ground with vital support when disasters struck, and we continued working to address underlying issues caused by climate change, prolonged conflict, ineffective governance and growing inequality across the globe.

Over $30,000 raised at the Comedy Gala

Over 25 years of partnership with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has raised nearly $2 million.

This year, Steph Tisdell, a Ydinji woman, comedian and actor, hosted the opening gala night.

Trailwalker raised more than $1.3 million

Trailwalker was back in 2022 following two years of COVID-19 restrictions!

1,500 walkers and over 300 volunteers!

$240,000 raised through virtual Trailwalker

Adding to the physical event, 236 teams walked for a month to help tackle poverty.

Run 3km challenge raised over $66,500

In March 2022, 1698 Facebook users participated in a new challenge run entirely through Facebook - one of the first in Australia.

Unwrapped cards raised over $999,450

Countless lives around the world were changed, with a whopping 34,350 cards bought, allowing Oxfam and our local partners to provide families with training, support and livestock.

Naughty or Nice logo for the What She Makes initiative.

Naughty or nice

We stand with the women who make our clothes! Our annual Naughty or Nice list celebrates the Australian brands who pay these women a living wage, and calls out those who don't.


Thank you for caring about #whatshemakes

Portrait of Cliff Collinson.

Everyday heroes

"I am inspired by many ordinary people who give up their time and money to make the world a better place."

Our volunteers changed lives

447 invaluable volunteers donated 24,192 hours. This equates to more than $1,013,580 and is the equivalent to 14.4 full time roles.

We couldn't do it without them!

A woman is showing off the back of her green vest that reads "Volunteer". She is standing outdoors at the Melbourne Trailwalker 2022 event.
Icon of a clock with a raised hand to demonstrate five minutes.
volunteer hours

Five volunteer hours saves enough money to build a toilet in Bangladesh for five families to use during a flood emergency.

Icon of three people and a speech bubble.
volunteer shifts

Just 10 volunteer shifts allow us to support a delegation of Pacific Islanders to travel to, and be heard at, the UN's annual Conference of the Parties (COP).

Dive deeper

Four people are sitting on a log outside in a forest. Two of them are wearing green Oxfam Australia t-shirts.
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Global reach

We're changing lives around the world.

A family is sitting on a single chair outside of their home on Loreto Island, Malaita province. They have two young children and one is holding a thumbs up gesture.
Icon of a hand holding a heart.

Our impact

Tackling the inequality that leads to poverty.

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The money

Where we use your donor dollars.

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