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Meet Cliff, one of our incredible supporters

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Meet Cliff

Retired school teacher Cliff Collinson is a busy man. He is a local government councillor, volunteer announcer on local radio, and avid bush walker. He's also the convenor of the Fremantle Oxfam Group.

Cliff says his core values "are basically those of Oxfam. A commitment to social justice and a fairer, sustainable, peaceful and more equal world".

"I am inspired by many ordinary people who give up their time and money to make the world a better place, not only to fight against poverty and social injustice, but also to look after the environment and our planet."

Cliff's travels in Africa and Asia exposed him to "a lot of diabolical poverty and terrible working conditions" and he resolved to do something about it.

He says his work with the Fremantle Oxfam Group not only raises awareness and money, but also helps him feel more connected to his community.

Like over 1,800 other supporters, Cliff has made the incredible decision to leave a gift to Oxfam in his Will.

"It was not a difficult decision to include Oxfam in my Will. Dollar for dollar, I believe it is the one charity that will make the most difference in improving people's lives."