The money

Every dollar donated helps us tackle poverty and make the world fairer and more equal.

How we use your generous donations

This year, Oxfam spent $56.9 million to help tackle poverty and support communities around the world. For more details, download the full report.

A circle graph indicating how donations to Oxfam Australia were used in 2022. Of the $56.9 million raised, 68.4% was directed to programs, 20.8% was used for fundraising and promotions, and 10.7% was used for administration. The spending on programs includes long-term development, responding to humanitarian emergencies, advocacy and campaigns.

Where the money comes from

We couldn't do this without your incredible support!

From a total pool of $62.8 million, more than half the funds come from generous public donations. That's $34.9 million from people like you, who care about making a difference for people who need it most.

A circle graph indicating where Oxfam Australia's income came from in 2022. From a total of $62.8 million, 56% came from community support, 20% came from DFAT income, 21% came from other grant income, and 3% came from other income sources.

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