First Peoples' justice

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We seek: First Peoples' justice

We seek a world that upholds the rights of First Peoples, and addresses past injustices. A world that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to be engaged in political, democratic and decision-making processes.

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An equal society

Despite being the original custodians of this country, First Peoples are often denied their fair share of its natural resources. They are rarely involved in the decisions and policies that affect their lives and lands.

This results in low rates of life expectancy and disproportionately high rates of unemployment, poverty, incarceration, disability and chronic illness.

We promote the rights of First Peoples to address the causes of inequality and take control of their destiny.

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people were supported through our work on First Peoples' justice

Real lives: Meet Wally on the south coast of NSW

"It started getting really bad in the nineties, where they started sending people to jail for this stuff that we see as our culture. It's not a crime to us, it's just part of how we grew up."