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We're learning more about poverty and its causes every day, and finding better ways to tackle it with cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies.

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The future is now

We're always looking for new ways to connect with our incredible supporters - and the past year has seen big developments in the digital world.

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Real lives: Spotlight on solutions

When Tropical Cyclone Harold hit Vanuatu in 2020, Oxfam deployed a large-scale cash and voucher assistance project, called UnBlocked Cash, using a simple, transparent and instant digital cash transfer platform.

One of the most practical and immediate types of support, the project distributed cash to families so they could buy food, water and sanitation items, hardware resources and other essential items.

The innovative and impactful form of humanitarian assistance became the largest cash transfer Oxfam has delivered in the Pacific - and it has paved the way for better emergency support, now and in the future.