Saving lives

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We seek to save lives

When disasters strike, we are there to provide immediate support wherever possible.

By addressing global inequalities, we aim to reduce conflict and disasters across the globe.

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Every life matters

The need to help our fellow citizens of the world is greater now than any time since the Second World War - and it continues to grow.

Climate change, prolonged conflict, ineffective governance and growing inequality all drive crises. We're there on the ground to support people when disasters strike, and we're working to address the underlying issues for a fairer future.

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people were supported through our humanitarian work.

Portrait of Swlamawit. She is in Uwwa district, Northern Ethiopia pictured in front of a wall. She is wearing a red headscarf and an Oxfam vest.

Meet Selamawit in Ethiopia

"I have no family, the people in the district were my family. I enjoyed living here during the good times. Being here with them during these difficult times is fulfilling to me as a human and as an Ethiopian."